Celadon Pharmaceuticals

Research and Development

Founded in 2018, Celadon is a UK based pharmaceutical company with a primary focus on cultivating medicinal cannabis utilising indoor hydroponics technology in the highly regulated UK market. Celadon will not only specialise in the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients but will also participate in the further research of cannabinoids for use in other ailments such as autism and multiple sclerosis.

Celadon are in the advanced stage of the application process to receive licences from the Home Office and MHRA and therefore expects to be one of the first businesses licenced under the new 2018 UK legislation to be able to grow and supply medicinal cannabis with a high THC content in the UK, allowing it an opportunity to become the dominant player in what is expected to be a large and fast-growing UK market.

Unlocking the Potential for Medicinal Cannabis
in the UK for Chronic Pain

Celadon has a state-of-the-art facility located in the Midlands, UK, that comprises an EU-GMP designed laboratory and a large growing facility that is in the final stages of being approved for licences from the Home Office and the MHRA.

The cultivation facility is designed as an indoor, closed-loop hydroponic system to ensure cannabis plants are cultivated under highly specific climate, light and irrigation control at all time.

With the use of technology, Celadon is in the process of designing a programme of “pheno hunting” to allow Celadon to develop further stable seed genetics and flower for the medicinal market.