Celadon Pharmaceuticals

State of the art cannabis cultivation and drug manufacturing facility utilising cutting edge technology

Cultivation and Manufacturing

Our facility is designed as an indoor, closed-loop hydroponic system to ensure cannabis plants are cultivated under highly specific climate, light and with irrigation control at all times.

We are currently designing a programme of “pheno hunting” which will allow us to develop further stable seed genetics, our own IP and flower.

Laboratory and Research

Our laboratory is designed to meet EU-GMP requirements and enables our expert team of scientists to continuously research and develop in-house genetics and evolve drug delivery systems.

Using technology to exercise rigorous testing protocols during the life cycle of the plant, we will be able to offer the highest quality medical cannabis available in the market.


We have a newly constructed education centre at our facility in the Midlands, UK and we have developed numerous relationships with a view to increasing knowledge for physicians.

Many of these physicians work in the private sector, often at pain clinics, and have thousands of patients who suffer from pain related conditions and who might benefit from cannabis medicines.

Celadon's facility, aligned to EU-GMP standards and requirements, has taken two years to construct while working with the Home Office and MHRA to ensure compliance with requirements for the requisite licenses.

EU-GMP Designed Laboratory
cannabis laboratory
Hydroponic Cultivation
EU-GMP Cannabis Laboratory
Phased Approach to Growth
phased approach to growth
High Level of Security