Celadon Pharmaceuticals

Investor Overview

Celadon Pharmaceuticals Plc is a UK based pharmaceutical group that was established in 2018 and is focused on growing highly controlled indoor hydroponic, high THC cannabis for use within medicinal products used to treat chronic pain. Through LVL, Celadon has also commenced the planning of research into cannabinoids for use in chronic pain and, through Kingdom, has commenced research into the treatment of other conditions such as autism, within the UK’s highly regulated market.

Celadon has a Home Office Licence allowing it to legally grow medicinal cannabis in the UK for the purpose of producing test batches of cannabis oil to support its application to the MHRA for registration as a manufacturer of medicinal product APIs. The Directors believe this is one of the first such Home Office Licences granted in the UK. Following the satisfactory production of test batches of cannabis oil, Celadon will apply for MHRA registration and if this is successfully received, Celadon will also apply for a new licence from the Home Office. Once received, the new Home Office licence would be required to be renewed annually. The receipt of MHRA registration and a new Home Office licence will enable the business to then supply medicinal cannabis with a high THC content in the UK, allowing it an opportunity to enter what is expected to be a substantial, extensively regulated and fast-growing UK market.

Celadon has a 100,000 square foot facility located in the Midlands, UK, that comprises (i) a laboratory designed to meet UK-GMP standards; and (ii) capacity for a large growing facility that has received a Home Office Licence to legally grow test batches of high THC cannabis in accordance with GACP guidelines. Once fully licensed, at full capacity, the Directors believe that the facility can expect to produce an estimated nine tonnes of dry flower per year, which could supply up to circa 50,000 patients per annum.