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Committed to Improving
Quality of Life

Unlocking the Potential for Medicinal Cannabis

Committed to improving quality of life by researching and manufacturing cannabinoids for use in approved medicines with an initial focus on chronic pain. Utilising the best global technology, manufacturing practices and data science to drive innovation and efficiencies.

About Us

Celadon is a UK based pharmaceutical company that is focusing on growing indoor hydroponic, high-quality cannabis initially for the chronic pain market. It also intends to further research cannabinoids in the highly regulated UK market.

Our Facility

Celadon’s facility, aligned to EU-GMP standards and requirements, has taken two years to construct while working with the Home Office and MHRA to ensure compliance with requirements for the requisite licenses.

Clinical Trials and Patient Access

Celadon is committed to providing support for patients from all backgrounds to be able to access revolutionary cannabinoid medicines and encourages participation in life-changing studies.

Forefront of Compliance

Celadon remains at the forefront of compliance in the new and highly regulated UK cannabis market. Celadon is working with the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to build a world-class EU-GMP laboratory and has obtained a Schedule 1 Controlled Drugs licence from the UK Home Office.

News and Press Releases

Regulatory Compliance