Celadon Pharmaceuticals

Improving science, improving lives.

Unlocking the Potential for Medicinal Cannabis

Committed to improving the quality of lives by researching and manufacturing cannabinoids for use in approved medicines with an initial focus on chronic pain – utilising the best global technology, manufacturing practices and data science to drive innovation and efficiencies.

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Quality of Life Treatments

Celadon is committed to providing support for patients from all backgrounds to be able to access revolutionary cannabinoid medicines and encourages participation in life-changing studies.
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Cultivation and Manufacturing

Celadon is proud to have built a state of the art GMP manufacturing facility for the cultivation, manufacture and quality control of cannabinoid medicines. Celadon's facility combined with the expert knowledge of the production team enables Celadon to consistently manufacture high-quality cannabinoid medicines with the stability required for future drug licensing.
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Research and Development

Celadon has invested heavily in cutting edge technology within its laboratory. This enables the expert team of scientists at Celadon to continuously research and develop in-house genetics and evolve drug delivery systems. By using technology to exercise rigorous testing protocols during the life cycle of the plant, Celadon can offer the highest quality medical cannabis available in the market.
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Forefront of Compliance

Celadon remains at the forefront of compliance in the new and highly regulated UK cannabis market. Celadon has achieved EU-GMP certification from the UK's Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and is at the final stages of obtaining a Schedule 1 Controlled Drugs licence with the UK Home Office.

State of the art cannabis cultivation and drug manufacturing facility featuring cutting edge technology.

Phased Approach to Growth
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EU-GMP Laboratory
Hydroponic Cultivation
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High Level Security

About Celadon

Celadon is a UK based pharmaceutical company specialising in the manufacture and development of medicinal cannabis-derived drugs for the treatment of chronic pain and other ailments such as autism and multiple sclerosis.

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Improving Science

Celadon works with leading scientists, agronomists and specialists at its world-class facility. Technology, research and development are key drivers behind our revolutionary medicinal developments.

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Improving Lives

Patient quality of life is at the heart of everything we do here at Celadon. Cannabinoid medicines have been developed to ensure that together, with the right support, lives can be significantly improved.